Thursday 6 August, 2020

50 ISSB Lecturette Topics to Prepare in 2020 (Indoor GTO Tasks)

issb lecturette topics

ISSB Lecturette Topic is a task in which a group member speaks on a given topic in front of the whole group and the GTO. After the Group Discussion session, GTO will brief you about your next task which is ISSB Lecturette Topic.

This is another great way to check your confidence and public speaking skills. Because an officer should have enough skills to put his opinion in front of other people.

An officer should have that power to convince people on a certain topic because leadership is the main thing that matters in the armed forces.

In this task, GTO will give a topic of his own choice to every candidate of the group. You have two mins to think about the topic outside the room.

You can choose a language of your own choice (English or Urdu). There are no extra points for English grammar and vocabulary.

If you are good at English, go for it. But if you are no, don’t try to speak in English just to impress the GTO. You will deliver your lecture in front of your group.

How to Deliver an Effective Lecture:

  • Practice for group speaking. Take part in group discussions.
  • Make key points in your mind about the topic in the given time.
  • Try to touch all the key points respectively while speaking.
  • Keep your body language presentable while standing.
  • Convey your message clearly.
  • Your hand gestures and facial expressions are great tools for effective communication.
  • Prove your opinion with solid arguments. Give proper reasoning for every opinion.
  • Stay calm and positive.
  • Give a picture of both sides when talking about a social issue.

GTO will also ask some general knowledge/current affairs questions in the Group Discussion session. Therefore stay up-to-date with current affairs news and prepare for general knowledge.

Sample Lecturette Topics:


  1. Foreign policy of Pakistan
  2. Failing value of Pakistan rupee in context to US dollar
  3. Population – merits and demerits
  4. Increase of Selfishness in our society
  5. Dowry system
  6. Role of NGO’s
  7. Capital punishment
  8. Honor killing
  9. Influence of western culture
  10. ISIS
  11. Role of Pakistan in United Nations
  12. Gambling
  13. China-Pakistan Economic Corridore
  14. Child labor
  15. Defence budget
  16. Pakistan’s relation with Saudi Arabia
  17. Love marriage or arranged marriage
  18. Student unions
  19. Cyber crimes
  20. Co-education
  21. Democracy vs Sharia
  22. Siachin conflict
  23. Sex education
  24. Honor killings
  25. Kashmir conflict


  1. Kea aj kal k bachay zyada na-farman hen?
  2. Hhmary mua’ashray me paisay ko zyada ehmiat di jati he ya qabliat ko?
  3. Kea Pakistan ko Israel ko tasleem kr lena chahiye?
  4. Pakistan k America k sath Ta’aluqat?
  5. Kea Pakistan ko India se trade krni chahiye?
  6. Bachon ko social media istemal krna chahiye?
  7. Kea aj kal k dramy hmary mua’ashray ki sahi akasi krty hen?
  8. Kea Pakistan me aurton ko pooray haqooq diye jaty hen?
  9. Aurton ka ghar se nikal kr kaam krna kesa he?
  10. Afghanistan me aman kesy ho skta he?
  11. Kea Pakistan me election shafaf tareeqy se hoty hen?
  12. Kea muslim countries ko Islamic Block bnana chahiye?
  13. CPEC se Pakistan ki economy ko kea faida ho ga?
  14. Pakistan me agriculture ko kaisy behter kr skty hen?
  15. Kea PTI ki hakoomat sahi kaam kr rhi he?
  16. Internet ek beemari ya na’amat?
  17. American Block ya Russian Block?
  18. Kea Pakistan ko IMF k pass jana chahiye tha?
  19. Pakistan apny qarzay kesy utar skta he?
  20. Hmara ta’aleemi nizam?
  21. Kashmir k maslay ka hal kea ho skta he?
  22. India me miniorities/Musalmano k haqooq?
  23. Pakistan me miniorities/Hinduon k haqooq?
  24. Kea India ek sacholar state he?
  25. hamara adalti nizam?

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