10 Tips to Feel Less Stressed in Your Life

Life is hard. It is not easy. It never was.

Everyone has its own set of problems in life. Someone is not happy with his job, another one is not happy with his marriage and someone has not found the purpose of life yet.

We as a human get overwhelmed. We struggle to find work-life balance in our life.

We also forget to thank God for the gifts he has already given to us. And then stress takes place in our lives.

I am also a little stressy person sometimes. But some minor life-style changes help me to feel less stressed.

I am not going to give you any medical or spiritual advice but real, actionable steps to feel less stressed in your life.

Let’s dive right in.

Take a Break from Social Media

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Everything has its good and bad side in thins world.

In fact humans too.

But what about technology?

Technology also has its good and bad effects. Especially on humans. The bad effects become even worse when you don’t maintain a healthy relationship with technology.

In technology, social media is on the rise. The number of social media users is increasing day by day.

But excessive use of social media can cause stress which leads to anxiety, depression and addiction.

Therefore, if you are feeling stressed and anxious, take a break from your social accounts.

Some steps you can take to avoid social media are:

  • Deactivate your social media accounts for a definite time
  • uninstall all social media apps from your phone
  • If you use social media for business purposes, hire a professional to handle all your social media.
  • You can always go back and restore your deactivated account.

This is the first step I take whenever I feel stressed. I delete all of my social media apps and use only WhatsApp to get in touch with friends in any case.

If the complete deletion of social media is not possible for you. At least maintain a healthy relationship with technology.

As digital well being is very important for your mental and physical health.


If your stress levels are high and you want to control your minds and thoughts, meditation is a great activity to practice.

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It lowers your stress level, improves your focus and reduces brain chatter. All you have to do is to choose a quiet place and sit for a few minutes in the beginning.

Start by following these steps:

  • Choose a quiet and peaceful place for you to sit.
  • Select a time of the day when you are free.
  • Sit and set a time limit for meditation. ( short in the beginning )
  • Try to focus on your breath.
  • Repeat for at least 5-10 times.

It is that simple.

In the beginning, start by taking short intervals of time. As you’ll practice, you can control your mind for longer periods of time.

Break Your Work into Small Pieces

Getting overwhelmed by your work is easy. You feel you are stuck and no one is going to rescue you.

Whenever in life, you feel that you are stuck and there is no way around, take a break and try to simplify things.

Make a list of your most important tasks to do.

Start by doing the easy ones first. This will make you more confident to get your hands on the tough ones.

Make a list of possible solutions for your tough tasks. And then try every solution one by one.

By doing this, You will be able to solve your problems more quickly.

Doing one thing at a time will give you more control over your work and save you from undesired overwhelm.

Spend Time with Friends

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Spending quality time with your family, friends and loved ones is also a good therapy for your health.

At any stage of life, when you feel that you are depressed, spend more time with your family.

Share your problems with them. If you are hesitant in sharing your feelings with family, share it with a close friend.

You will feel more peace when you’ll share your feelings with others.

Exercise Regularly

If you are a gym guy already then there is nothing to do more. But, if you are not exercising regularly, you should.

Exercise can make your metabolism work better and increase the blood regulation in your body ( including the brain ).

  • Spare half an hour in the early morning or in the evening.
  • Start by 30-mint walk or jogging and then slowly increase the time.
  • Exercise can produce good results when combined with meditation.

Express Yourself

Stress and depression can also become a part of your life when you don’t express your feelings in front of people.

Learn to say NO to people you don’t like.

Learn to say No to people that are annoying.

Learn to say No to things that don’t make you feel happy.

Spare some time for yourself and learn to be with yourself.

Smile More

Peace begins with a smile.

Mother Teresa

A new study shows us that smile may help in recovery from brief periods of stress.

It may help reduce the body’s stress response, regardless of whether the person actually feels happy or not.

Researchers invited 169 volunteers to undergo an experiment in two stages: training and testing.

In the training stage, the researchers taught the volunteers how to either hold their faces in a neutral expression, hold a standard smile, or hold a Duchenne smile.

In the testing phase, the volunteers performed some multi-tasking activities, during which they held their faces in the manner instructed.

Researchers found the participants who were instructed to smile, and in particular, those whose faces expressed genuine or Duchenne smiles had lower heart rates after recovery from the stress activities than the ones who held their faces in neutral expressions.


Keep smiling.😁

Eat Healthy

Your nutrition not only plays a vital role in your physical health but also in mental health.

Good and healthy food has a direct relation with the peaceful and less stressed mind.

Here is some advice about the foods for stress relief.

  • Eat green leafy vegetables.
  • Use green tea after the meal.
  • Use avocado and banana.
  • Omega-3 fats in fish keep you calm, cool and healthy.
  • Use milk and yogurt more often.
  • Research indicates that dark chocolate may lower levels of stress hormones.

Read Books

I’m afraid if this tip will work for you or not. But I can assure you that this is working just fine for me.

I have my own set of favourite books that I used to fall back whenever I feel stressed or overwhelmed by the work or people around me.

Just read a few pages of a good book and you are good to go again.😊

You can also choose a book from this list as well.

Accept What you Can’t Control

This is the thing that I learned the hard way. Showing resistance against things that you can’t control can damage you mentally and physically as well.

Let’s take an example.

I write a post about some A, B, C thing on my blog. Optimize it in every way to get some eyeballs. Promote it on social media.

I build links for that blog. I did each and every single thing to rank that piece of content higher in the rankings.

But what happened?

Nothing worked. Search algorithms don’t work your way. There are some bad days and good days in the online world.

So, I just accepted it and continued producing more content.

Having said that, there may be some situations in life when you realize that you are stuck. Nothing is working for you. You did everything but nothing.

In that situation, I suggest you to just accept the things that you can’t control and move forward.

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