Friday 7 August, 2020

How to Complete ISSB Half Group Task in Time (Outdoor GTO Tasks)

ISSB Half Group Task is the 2nd task after the ISSB Progressive Group Task. This task is similar to the previous one. Rules and limitations are the same. Equipment is also the same for this task.

The only difference in this task is that the group is divided into 3 or 4 sub-groups. This task is performed to observe the abilities of candidates more keenly.

The time allowed for this task is 10 minutes for each group. The task of every group is different. There is no commander in this task as well.

Cooperate with your group members and make a strategy to complete the task. Call your group members by their chest numbers. Don’t call anyone by his name.

Rules of ISSB Half Group Task:

  • There is a starting and finishing line of the task.
  • Your group’s objective is to start from the starting line and cross the finishing line with some equipment.
  • The equipment consists of a rope, a drum, a plank, and a wooden box.
  • There are some hurdles and obstacles between the starting and the finishing line.
  • Some of them are inbound and some are outbound.
  • These hurdles are of different colours.
  • Red colour means: Place is outbound for you and your equipment.
  • Yellow colour means: Place is inbound for you but outbound for your equipment.
  • White colour means: Place is inbound for you and your equipment.
  • The remaining land is outbound for you and all of your equipment.

Tips to Follow:

  • Stay calm and listen to the GTO carefully.
  • If there is any question regarding the task, you can ask to the GTO.
  • Work as a team and cooperate with each other.
  • If you commit a foul, admit it in front of the GTO.
  • Try to complete the task in the given time.
  • You can talk to each other in Urdu about the task.

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