Friday 7 August, 2020

How to Do Successful ISSB Group Planning (Indoor GTO Tasks)

issb group planning

At ISSB, Group Planning is a process in which all group members try to solve a model. The GTO will show you a model and will brief you about the model. The model will consist of different war field or everyday situations.

This your last indoor GTO task. After this, you are going for outdoor GTO tasks. Group planning is a technique in which two or more people discuss and plan for something.

This test provides a team environment and encourages teamwork as armed forces are all about teamwork. An officer will often work with his juniors and soldiers to complete different missions in his service.

There will be a pictorial representation of different situations like roads, bridges, rivers or canals, fields, etc in the model. GTO will brief you about every possible condition and restriction that you have to consider while solving the model.

The model typically looks like this.

group planning model

GTO will also give you some numeric values like “time to reach at destination”, “speed of your given vehicles”, “capacity of vehicles”, “length of roads”, “points where to pass and where not to pass” etc.

GTO will leave the room after briefing and will come back after 30 minutes.

Time allowed for this task is 30 minutes and time to explain the model to GTO is 15 minutes.

Tips for Successful Group Planning:

  • Stay focused. Listen to the GTO carefully.
  • Remember every minor detail that he mentioned in the briefing.
  • Work as a team. Give other members an opportunity to speak.
  • Imagine yourself in the situation and then try to solve the model.
  • Don’t show bossy behaviour.
  • Try to solve the model step-by-step.
  • Choose a confident member as a spokesperson to explain the model to GTO.

In the end, it is common that you are unable to solve the model (Our group had also failed in this task😊). Don’t worry in this situation, try your best and explain whatever you know about the model to the GTO.

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